3D Walnut Makes a Friend

Cubeecraft Walnut with a Barbapapa.

Cubeecraft Walnut with a Barbapapa.


Create Your Own Night Terriers

Have you ever wanted to have your own Night Terriers figurine? You know, those really cool, little polyurethane figures? Me too! So if you know someone who can make some for me, please let me know.

In the meantime, you can do the next best thing.  Now you can create your own Cubeecraft, paper figurines of Walnut and Angus!  Just download the images below, print them off on a colour printer (be sure to use a stiff paper), and then with just a bit of cutting and then reprinting, because you messed up the first three times, all you do is put tab A into slot B, tab C into slot D….tab Q into slot R…well, it kind of goes on like that.

After you’ve got them all assembled, feel free to put them in some interesting places. Put them where people can see them, and then they’ll say: “Wow! Where’d you get those?”

And you can be all like: “Dude! Where have you been? Night Terriers are all the rage!”

Then I will become rich and famous and will be able totally throw it in my high school guidance counsellor’s face!

I’d love to see some photos of your figurines on the Facebook page.

I hope you enjoy having your very own Night Terriers figures.  I know, I enjoyed making them.

A Cubeecraft version of Angus

A Cubeecraft version of Angus

Walnut cubed

Walnut cubed

Night Terriers Episode 7


It’s best not to question.

Night Terriers Episode 6


Walnut thinks I’m crap.

Math Not a Strength

Today, Angus and Walnut are wishing my Father-In-Law a happy birthday.

Math isn't a strength for Angus

Math isn’t a strength for Angus

Night Terriers Episode 5

Angus gets cerebral

Angus gets cerebral

Angus gets “cerebral”