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I participate in the Google + podcast community to gain insight on best practices when it comes to podcasting, as well as just to commune and get some good ideas. Actually, the iTunes cover art for Night Terriers was completed with some guidance from that community (Thanks Daniel J Lewis).  Today, I posted an invitation to the community to check out Night Terriers podcast. I quickly put together a picture of Walnut and Angus directed specifically at the Google+ community.

I like the idea of creating unique art for these types of requests or marketing endeavours  I think I’ll continue doing it. I think it may help me stand out from the crowd. Even if it doesn’t, I enjoy drawing Walnut and Angus.

Below is the art I created for the Google+ Podcast Community.

Walnut and Angus invite Google+ Community Members.

Walnut and Angus invite Google+ Community Members.


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Walnut and Angus blatantly shill for free services

Walnut and Angus blatantly shill for free services

This blog post is a blatant request for free services an appeal to Dave Jackson’s humanity and altruism. Please press the play button below to hear our appeal.

Night Terriers Episode 4


Angus gets all sciency.

Night Terriers Episode 3

Les Walnut

Angus and Walnut break into song.

iTunes Album Art

Getting ready for when I submit the podcast to iTunes, I have created the album art for NIght Terriers. This is the image that will be displayed within iTunes itself, as well as a small thumbnail that should appear when the user downloads the mp3 into iTunes or some other podcatcher.

I’ve received some critiques that say the title is confusing, but I think with the podcast intro as well as the site itself, people should get the gist of it.

iTunes Logo (1400x1400)

Night Terriers Episode 2

Angus Profile

Walnut discovers the connection between lack of sleep and spending more time with them.

Night Terriers Episode 1

Angus Profile

Please have a listen, and let me know your thoughts.